Lauren Grisanti is a guide focussing on unlocking vitality and confidence through connection. Her mission is to work with clients through one-on-one sessions and workshops to elevate their essence and expand beliefs of self worth.  Through Heal Haiku™ , Lauren creates a personal treatment for individuals who are feeling out of sync with something in their life. Lauren uses nature, music and poetry to create a multi sensory experience.

After working in technology for 7 years, feeling burnt out and overstressed, she decided to fully pursue her passion of being a healer. Lauren began her training in energy work in 2012 with Deborah Hanekemp (Mama Medicine), studying yoga and reiki mastership. She’s also had the profound experience of working with families as a birth Doula, guiding mothers to feel empowered .

Lauren’s gentle but assertive approach helps her clients cultivate more love for themselves, shedding light on what they want to call into their lives.